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Training free self defense classes online (udemy) these training programs on self-defense are available completely free of cost which gives you the opportunity to get an overview of your chosen form of technique or simply check out the different types of training available to find the ones that suit you best.choose from novice courses such as martial arts …

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Basic Basic Pistol Shooting & Safety - FREE This FREE introductory non-shooting course is 2 hours long and includes classroom time learning firearm …

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Training GET THE SELF-DEFENSE TRAINING THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU, WITH THE CONVENIENCE OF 24/7 ONLINE ACCESS. PDN is always on, offering you anytime-access to a broad range of self-defense training topics and techniques to suit your training needs. New demonstrations, interviews, drills, and more are being added all the time.

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Training At Personal Defense Network you’ll find a team of Instructors and Contributors dedicated to reality-based handgun training that maximizes efficiency, to get the gun into the fight quickly and with accuracy sufficient to stop the threat. In training terms, it’s the balance between speed and precision. Train for the real world.

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Video Gun Self Defense Video Training Online Handgun Course Pistol Training Video Bakersfield CAVideo Gun Training

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Practice Handgun Training, Practice And Fun. Shooting these drills is not training. Training is learning new skills. Practice is developing those skills. These drills are for you to practice weapon presentation, sight alignment, trigger and recoil control, weapon manipulation, shot cadence and target transition.

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Learn Learn at your own pace. 30 short and digestible videos that will take you from gun noob to gun slinger. Mobile friendly, closed captioning, & lifetime access. Know exactly what to do. Full manipulations of all the most popular handgun types. Plus what to expect at the local gun shop and shooting range. Remember everything.

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Want Now for the first time, with iFightBack, you can use interactive video technology to practice personal and home defense in your own home without the $50 or more per hour cost at gun ranges. Now you can practice as long as you want, whenever you want, rain or shine. According to an NTSA study requested by the Congressional Modeling & Simulation

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Safety Topics available: Gun Control Act Overview. Safety and Clearing (rules of safe handling, clearing procedures, safety precautions, internal safety devices, test-firing cautions, jammed firearms); Firearm Classification (5 categories of GCA firearms, definitions of “firearm” and “antique” [non-gun], forearm-braces, vertical fore-grips, 80% Receivers/Dummy Guns/Home Made Guns)

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Personal The SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) Women's Self Defense Free Online Course, is a 9 module program that aims to introduce women to an array of subjects that concern their personal safety, from sexual assaults to potentially abusive partners (both …

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Defensive SIG SAUER Academy's defensive shooting courses are specific to defending life with a firearm in a potential deadly situation. That is the base for our defensive pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses. Each have specific objectives incorporating practical firearms skills combined with tactics. Al l defensive shooting courses require formal prior training in foundational skills. Intermediate

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Personal This online CCW course is for concealed carry knowledge only (non-license class). Students receive a live virtual comprehensive explanation on how to safely handle their firearm and when it can be used for self-defense, choosing a firearm for personal protection, ammunition selection, holstering, situational awareness, cover and concealment, defensive mindset, personal …

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Handgun This is an entry–level handgun class designed for the shooter with no formal, or minimal, handgun training. This course will teach the shooter through the basic skills necessary to properly, and safely, handle and deploy a handgun in an efficient and effective manner. The course material will emphasize the core fundamentals of marksmanship

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Firearms The Metropolitan Police Department is offering this firearms safety training course pursuant to the requirements of D.C. Official Code § 7-2502.03 (a) (13). This course contains an introduction to firearms and basic firearms safety measures, as required for first time applicants to register a firearm. Because the use and ownership of a firearm

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Proper Home Defense - NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home: The most common reason for an individual to purchase a firearm is to be able to defend his/her home and family. This course tackles a wide range of topics. From the proper mindset, how to prepare your home for safety, use of force, aftermath and shooting techniques. This is an 8 hour course.

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Training Firearms Training Made Easy. For full access to the best training programs and trainers, join the USCCA. As a member, you’ll learn how to be prepared for the before, during and after of a self-defense incident. Our comprehensive training curriculum makes learning easy and fun for new gun owners, experienced shooters and everyone in between.

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Portion The firearms training portion of this course is three (3 days) in duration. The self-defense and weapons retention portion of the class is two days (2) in duration, where the student will learn and become proficient in disarming a threat with a handgun or knife. The firearms course and self-defense portion of this training is physically

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of self defense courses do we offer??

We offer a wide variety of courses conducted by our NRA Certified & Glock Professional Instructors from firearms safety, recreational shooting, Georgia firearms and use of force laws, concealed carry and the fundamentals of self-defense up to modern gun fighting techniques. We also offer training utilizing less than lethal devices and techniques.

How much does self defense training cost??

Women’s Self Defense Firearms Training Unarmed Training Firearms Storage & Maintenance Survival COL1 FIREARM TYPE Long Guns Handguns COL1 PRICE Under $25 $25 to $75 Above $75

Is there an online course for firearms safety training??

Welcome to the online Firearms Safety Training Course, presented by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Completion of this Firearms Safety Training course will satisfy one of the requirements for firearms ownership under District of Columbia law.

How can I learn how to use a gun for protection??

Develop handgun skills at your own pace with online tutorials and training drills you can do at home. Watch real-life scenarios unfold and learn from experts in self-defense about what you should and should not. Get certified to teach firearms classes for people who want to know how to use or carry a gun for protection.

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