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Music Music for the Mind™ is a collection of beautifully-orchestrated compositions that resonate with listeners of all levels, enhancing mental performance. Ask Kagan about royalty free music rights for special projects and presentations. Regular price $90. All 6 CD set CGM • $69 Save $21!

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949-545-6360Online It will help me so much in my classroom.” –Phylllis Young, 1st grade teacher. Live Online Workshop Hotline. For quick assistance with your Live Online workshop, please leave a voicemail 949-545-6360 or email [email protected] Free Kagan Articles!

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Music Music education includes learning about composition, melody, rhythm, harmony, form, tone color, texture, and expression (Katz & Brown, 2011). Different pedagogical approaches can be used to teach the elements of music. However, this researcher explored the use of cooperative learning, using Kagan Structures, in the music classroom.

Author: Emily Labes
Publish Year: 2019

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Kagan Here you will find two sections of FREE Kagan Articles: Articles by Dr. Spencer Kagan and Research & Rationale supporting the use of Kagan Structures in the classroom. More Great Articles Kagan Club members receive unlimited access to Kagan's library of articles for full year.

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Workshop This workshop is an online version of Kagan’s signature training, Kagan Cooperative Learning.Course materials are sent in advance, to be distributed to participants. The training is conducted live by a Kagan Master Trainer over Zoom. Participants join the workshop using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

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Kagan Laurie Cunningham, Adrian Public Schools. To cite this article: Cunningham, L. Kagan and 4th Graders Make Beautiful Music Together. San Clemente, CA: Kagan Publishing. Kagan Online Magazine, Fall 2007.www.KaganOnline.com. If you were to walk by my fourth grade general music class at Lincoln Elementary School, you would most likely wonder two things: how …

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Students Using the Kagan activity of Stand up- Hand up- Pair Up, this is a great activity for students to get acquainted with one another.I usually put on music as the students mingle around. When the music stops, they must high five the person closest to them. They go to the perimeter of the classroom to in

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Workshop Workshop Description This 3-hour workshop provides in-classroom adaptations to Kagan Structures and methods for enhanced student and teacher safety in the era of COVID-19. So many teachers and schools have asked how they can adapt Kagan for social distancing. This workshop is your answer! More than ever, students will crave social interaction.

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Relaxing relaxing music for children in classroom - relaxing music for studying and concentration 2015

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Classroom Feb 17, 2014 - Explore Theresa Steinlage's board "Kagan for the Music Classroom" on Pinterest. See more ideas about cooperative learning, music classroom, classroom.

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Gives 2. Teacher calls “Freeze”, “Pair”, or stops music, students pair up with the person closest to them and do a high five. Those that haven’t found a partner raise their hand. 3. Teacher asks a question / gives a problem / gives vocabulary word / etc. and gives think time 4. Students group according to the number of the answer 5.

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1. At first glance, this cooperative learning technique seems like traditional group work, but there's a major difference: It's impossible to hide in a Kagan classroom because each student must "participate frequently and approximately equally." Traditional teaching can lead to an ever-widening gap between high and low achievers, and the Kagan method aims to close that gap. This model assumes that most teachers utilize direct instruction and then turn to the class for a question-and-answer portion. Usually, a few students answer the questions while the majority of the class remains disengaged. Kagan cooperative learning ensures that every student is actively involved. Research on Kagan cooperative learningsupports findings of "improved academic achievement, improved ethnic and race relationships, improved social skills and social relations, and increased liking for self, others, and school." Since these are goals for most schools, I thought it was worth exploring.

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Cooperative Adapted from Spencer Kagan: Cooperative Learning Distributed by: Corda Ladd Kinzie & Kathryn Markovchick @ www.mainesupportnetwork.org Q:\workshops\Singapore\November 2005\Singapore - Handout - Cooperative Learning - Structures.doc 68 7. Jigsaw: This structure can be used in a variety of ways for mastery, concept

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Kagan Kagan Cooperative Learning – This is the bible for most CL texts. No, this isn’t music-specific, but it covers all the basics you need to get started. Cooperative Learning And Music – This is the Kagan-approved text for building a Kagan music classroom based on using CL.

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Building Go Fetch Team Building Activity 2. Pass the Hoop Team Building Activity 2. Team Jigsaw Team-Building Game 1. Group Art Team Building Activity 1. Transport the Pole Team Building Activity 2. Tallest Tower Team Building Game 3. Team Treasure Hunt Team-Building Game 6. Human Objects Team Building Game 2.

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Kagan Kagan Desk Labels {Freebies} Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Do any of you use Kagan strategies in your room?? It's all about cooperative learning - team work and partners and building a classroom family, if you will. One of my favorite things that I …

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Kagan Teacher leaders from across the district and in each building have been trained in Kagan structures for use in the classroom and in-turn have continued building capacity with the teachers in the district, K-12, on effective uses of Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies for all students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kagan classroom??

Kagan cooperative learning is built on a single tenet: engagement. When students are engaged and motivated, "learning sticks." In a Kagan classroom, all students must be engaged and accountable. There are, however, an overwhelming number of Kagan structures, and if you can't afford to attend expensive workshops, implementation may be difficult.

Where can I download Kagan resources and activities??

Kagan just launched Download Express. Hundreds of engaging Kagan activities and resources are now available for purchase and immediate download. Browse Download Express today! Visit Kagan's newly revised grant section of the web.

What is cooperative learning at Kagan??

Kagan Cooperative Learning is a way of structuring your daily activities and lessons to ensure that each and every child is actively engaged in the learning process and lesson. The students are taught various structure methods to engage them in classroom activities.

How has Kagan changed the way you teach??

“Cooperative Learning training by Kagan has changed the engagement in my classrooms—positive, fun-filled learning is going on!” –Dianne Miller, Principal “Great resources. I was glad we used the books instead of just adding it to stacks of material.” –Jashun Collins, ELA Teacher “This will change my teaching forever.

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