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In 2018, the median earnings for workers with only a high school diploma was $730 a week, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For …

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Both high school and college take a good amount of effort. To be able to achieve good grades, both require concentration and ambition. Most …

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1. You'll Have More Independence. The biggest change for high school vs. college is that, in college, you'll have much more independence than you had in high school.
2. You'll Be Treated Like an Adult. Along with your increased independence, you'll also be treated like an adult in college as opposed to a child under your parents' care.
3. There Will Be a Wider Variety of Classes to Choose From. In high school, you didn't have a lot of choice in regards to which classes you took. You could probably choose a few electives, but your schedule was mostly filled with the standard math, science, English, and social studies requirements that all students had to take.
4. Classes Will Have Different Formats and Sizes. Each class you took in high school probably had about the same number of students and consisted mostly of lecturing, maybe along with some individual or group work.
5. Your Schedule Will Be More Complicated. In high school, school started and ended the same time every day, and your class schedule was probably the same for every day of the week.
6. You'll Have a New Set of Classmates. One of the most jarring things for many new college students is they're no longer surrounded by classmates and friends they've known for years.
7. Classes Will Require More Critical Thinking. Is college hard compared to high school? Going to college isn't just like attending four more years of high school.
8. College Costs More. There's no way around it; c ollege definitely costs more than high school. Tuition is thousands of dollars, and you'll likely be paying for room and board as well.
9. You'll Spend Less Time in Class. Most full-time college students spend about 15-20 hours in class a week, which comes out to about three or four hours a day.
10. You'll Have More Schoolwork. Don't get too excited about spending less time in class; college definitely knows how to keep you busy. The general rule of thumb is that you'll spend about three hours a week on schoolwork for every one hour of class you're in.

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Options include nontraditional or non-degree-seeking student status and dual/concurrent enrollment. Some schools offer a test-out option. Many community colleges feature programs for learners without a high school diploma or GED certificate. Colleges' admissions websites cover these pathways and their application steps.

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With some early college classes, students may take a course in high school that has been accredited by a college, thereby earning credit for college and high school at the same time. Other early college programs allow high school students to attend classes on campus or participate in online courses.

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1. Central Texas College. Killeen, Texas. Central Texas College – a top free online college – …
2. Central Wyoming College. Riverton, Wyoming. A free online college degree is well within …
3. Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Chandler, Arizona. Chandler-Gilbert Community …
4. Coastline Community College. Fountain Valley, California. Coastline Community College …
5. Cochise County Community College. Douglas, Arizona. Cochise County Community College …
6. College of Southern Idaho. Twin Falls, Idaho. The College of Southern Idaho is home to one …
7. College of Southern Maryland. La Plata, Maryland. The College of Southern Maryland is an …
8. Collin County Community College. McKinney, Texas. Collin College offers degrees and …
9. Community College of Allegheny County. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Community College …
10. Crowley County Community College. Arkansas City, Kansas. Crowley County Community …

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1. Distance education is becoming more popular among college students across the U.S. According to EducationData.org, which draws its statistics from sources like this comprehensive report on online learning, roughly 6.6 million students “enrolled in some form of distance education/online learning courses” during 2017, compared to over 6.9 million in 2018. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many students prefer online coursework.

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Connections Academy schools are tuition-free online public schools for students in grades K–12. With the flexibility of a virtual classroom, students can get their high school diploma on their own time. For detailed information on virtual high school programs, please refer to your state’s specific graduation requirements.

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According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 92 percent of employers view online degrees from brick-and-mortar schools as favorable, while only 42 percent would consider a candidate with an online degree from a university that operates solely online, despite any accreditation. Many employers infer that brick-and-mortar

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An online high school is any school that teaches and takes place virtually, rather than in-person. Some online high schools are hybrid programs where students must spend a portion of their time in a physical location, but a fully online high school program takes place completely virtually.

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University of Texas at Austin High School. The University of Texas at Austin High School is a public school accredited by the Texas Board of Education. The school provides distance programs for both full- and part-time students. Coursework for online programs is accessible 24/7, and assignments are submitted every 1-2 weeks.

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College is a lot different than high school! For the most part, we think college is easier and better than high school. And while you may not be 100% prepared, you will definitely find your way. Just keep reminding yourself that you are there for YOU! College is an opportunity to grow and learn, to shape your future, and to become who you want

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Welcome to college! High School vs College: Academics. From homework to class time to exams to teacher-student relationships, high school vs college life has its differences. 1. Time Spent in Class and Attendance . Your professor likely won’t be taking attendance, and even if they are, it’s up to you if you want those participation points

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1. Advantages School International. Advantages School International is a fully accredited online school for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Students can choose between two diplomas in any grade: a general studies diploma or a college preparatory diploma.
2. Alpha Omega Academy. Alpha Omega Academy is one of the top-ranked Christian high schools available to online students. Students may choose to pursue either the High School Diploma Track or the College Prep Track.
3. Brigham Young University Independent Study. Whether you’re a high school student looking for a flexible online environment or an adult needing to earn your high school diploma, Brigham Young University’s Independent Study Program has something to offer you.
4. Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences. The Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences is a top-ranked online high school offering personalized instruction and a respected industry reputation.
5. Clonlara School. While many online high schools are geared towards students who are able to work independently, Clonlara School offers courses that are fully supported by trained teachers.
6. Excel High School. Excel is one of the best online high schools. It is also one of the most affordable. Rather than traditional tuition, students pay a subscription fee of $129 per month for the duration of the semester (or $199 per month for an Honors High School Diploma).
7. Forest Trail Academy. Forest Trail Academy is a great choice of online high school for students who don’t want to spend the traditional amount of time in areas they know well.
8. Franklin Virtual High School. Franklin Virtual High School is a fully accredited, fully online high school. It offers students a traditional high school track, independent study, or prep classes in anticipation of the GED, ACT, and SAT.
9. Greenways Academy. Greenways Academy has a rolling admissions system. This means students may opt to pursue their high school diploma at this top-ranked online high school whenever is most convenient for them.
10. International Virtual Learning Academy. International Virtual Learning Academy is an online private school for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

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These programs are primarily offered to students who have graduated from high school within the district or state of the community college offered for free, or to individuals who have worked for a number of years within the district of the community college and would like to return to complete a degree.

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This one is about as star-studded a game as you are going to get in high school basketball. IMG Academy features the No. 3, 8, 19, 41, 42 and 74 ranked players in the class of 2022 per ESPN.

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Whether you left high school recently or many years ago, an online high school diploma through a distance learning program can be the answer to your dilemma. Working adults often take advantage of this type of program, especially if …

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The Disadvantages of Earning a High School Diploma Online . Lack of social events: Most online programs don’t have the fun elements of traditional high schools such as prom, senior day, graduation, weird hair day, etc.; No immediate teacher access: Some subjects (such as writing and math) may be hard to master without a teacher present.A student doesn't …

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2 days ago · The median salary for people with a bachelor’s degree is $10,000 more than the median salary for people with a high school diploma. Cons: It will cost you a lot of money. The average cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree is $132,000. It will take you longer to complete your degree than it would if you were to get a two-year degree.

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1. Benefits of a High School Diploma. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, students who earn a high school diploma will earn approximately $10,000 more each year versus someone who did not complete high school.
2. Other Options. While getting a traditional high school diploma is optimal, there are other options for students. It’s never too late to go back and get your diploma.
3. What’s a GED? For a variety of reasons, some high school students are unable to earn a traditional high school diploma, so some opt for a GED, or General Education Development.
4. Going to College Without a High School Diploma. Typically, a high school diploma is a requirement for admissions into college. Most public colleges and universities do require either a high school diploma or GED for admissions.
5. College Admissions Without a High School Diploma. In some cases, a community college will admit students without a high school diploma or GED. Instead of the diploma, these schools will require that students are at least 18 years old and may have to take a placement test.
6. Non-Traditional Students. Students don’t always finish high school and earn a diploma for a variety of reasons. But not having a diploma does not mean that you cannot attend a traditional college or university.
7. Getting an Online Degree Without a High School Diploma. Online or correspondence diploma programs are often legitimate providers; however as with any service that you pay for, it is important to know what to look for when selecting a school or program.
8. Getting Financial Aid Without a High School Diploma. In order to pursue post-secondary school education options, many students require financial aid. However, without a high school diploma or GED, access to aid will be different than traditional degree-seeking students.
9. Trade Schools. Having a high school diploma does provide many benefits for students, but there are career options for those without one. Trade schools are a great option for those seeking a skill-based career.
10. Become a Medical Assistant. For students interested in the medical field, but not necessarily ready for nursing or medical school, there is an option to become a medical assistant.

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The Best Online High School Diploma Programs 1. Stanford University Online High School. Under the umbrella of one of the most competitive universities in the nation, Stanford OHS is a private independent school that offers a rigorous college prep program. Stanford OHS serves academically gifted students in grades 7–12.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get an online degree without a high school diploma?

While it may take extra time, and you may have to do a bit of research, there are options for going to college or getting an online degree without a high school diploma. In some cases, a community college will admit students without a high school diploma or GED.

How much does an online high school degree program cost?

An online high school degree program is $1,799 per year. Monthly payment options are also available. K12 Private Academy — formerly known as the K12 International Academy — seeks to bring “individualized learning to all kinds of minds” by “removing barriers that keep children from reaching their true potential.”

Are online courses for high school students right for You?

Online courses offer a unique opportunity for high school students to get a taste for college level work, which can prove invaluable as they plan their immediate future. This article is designed to help these young students get the most out of digital course offerings.

What are the best online high school diploma programs?

If you want to complete your high school diploma online first, the following online schools are accredited by AdvancED: International Connections Academy, Whitmore School, University of Missouri High School and International Virtual Learning Academy. In order to pursue post-secondary school education options, many students require financial aid.

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