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Create Art 1. Lesson plans for beginner Art program. what will you learn? The elements and principles of design are the building blocks used to create a work of art. Elements of Art are the visual "tools" that artists use to create an art work - they are what makes up an image or an art object: line, shape/form, value, color, space, and texture.

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Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins
1. Go on a color scavenger hunt. Introduce young students to the wide array of colors in the world around them. Have them scribble a colored square from a selection of crayons or markers.
2. Assemble a found objects color wheel. Older kids can take color exploration one step further by putting together their own color wheel from objects around their house.
3. Experiment with grid drawing. Grid drawing is one of those distance learning art projects that can be differentiated for various ages and skill levels.
4. Photograph a conceptual self-portrait. Ask kids to draw a self-portrait, and many will say “that’s too hard!” so try this conceptual portrait project instead.
5. Shade name art with colored pencils. Have kids grab their colored pencils while you teach an online lesson on shading. Have them outline the letters of their name, then shade and color to make graffiti-like creations.
6. Turn shapes into art. This easy idea lets students experiment with color, texture, and creativity. Get the free printables at the link. Learn more: A Girl and a Glue Gun.
7. DIY some scratch art paper. Kids make their own scratch art paper with this cool project. First, they use crayons to color a piece of paper randomly. For the black layer, they paint over the color with black acrylic paint and allow it to dry.
8. Color a cubist autumn tree. Learn about cubism and play with color in this whimsical project. The tree trunk is made of a piece of black construction paper, but if students don’t have any on hand, they can simply color it black instead.
9. Cut out Fibonacci circles. We love distance learning art projects that bring a little math into the mix. Delve into Fibonacci sequences and cut out circles to represent them.
10. Sketch an eye self-portrait. All students need is a pencil and paper for this art lesson. First, they learn to draw a human eye. Then, they add personalizing details and patterns around it.

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1. Famous Laundry Art. Students can use clothes – old t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants – to compose a famous painting! The best part is that nothing is cut and therefore nothing gets wasted.
2. Homemade Scratch Drawings. This was one of my favorite things to do as a kid! And this is a great idea for parents who have a lot of old crayons that are down to stubs.
3. Marker Painting. I love marker painting! I first discovered it many years and quite by accident. Since then, I’ve used it for many art projects. Basically, kids can draw a picture and outline their shapes with markers.
4. Shadow Puppets. This is a great opportunity to teach students about the element of art called shape, as well as some basic photography composition. Kids can use any type of paper they want.
5. Found Objects Color Wheel. If your student’s parents are clamoring for ideas to keep them occupied, this will do the trick! The idea here is kids will search the house and gather items that fit into each color on the color wheel.
6. Nature Imitating Art. If your students are able to get outside and have access to trees, dirt, leaves, sticks, and anything else nature provides freely, then they can create art!
7. Creativity Warm-Up Drawings. Here’s a great activity for students to do if all they have is paper and pencil! It really challenges students to use their creativity to figure out what the marks in the box remind them of and make a drawing based on it.
8. Homemade Paint. There are so many ways kids can make paint including coffee, tea, fruit juices, spices, food coloring, old markers, and even mud! Have kids test out mixing some of these materials with a little water to see what results they get.
9. Cartoons with Props. Here’s a basic project that uses an everyday object as a prop. It can be anything small like a penny, a pencil stub, a tack, dried pasta or beans, or a paperclip.
10. Digital Art Projects. Not all art has to be created physically. You can teach the same elements of art and principles of design using digital platforms like Google Drawing, Tate Paint by Tate Kids, Sketchpad.io, and Pixilart.

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Activities Filled with activities for kids. Online coloring, games, and the story of the life of Keith Haring. National Gallery of Art - NGA Kids The Art Zone Many activities including Collage Machine, Flow, SwatchBox, Paint Box, RiverRun, Wallovers, Jungle, 3-d Twirler, Cubits, Pixel Face, Moving Sculpture, Mobile Maker, Cake Maker.

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Teaching Dec 10, 2016 - Explore Marianne Galyk's board "Art 1 Project Ideas", followed by 802 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about art lessons, teaching art, art classroom.

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Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins
1. Snapchat Geo Filter. It’s no secret students are enamored with social media, so why not use it as a teaching tool? If you’re looking for a project that focuses on design and typography, try creating Snapchat Geo Filters for your community.
2. Personal Logo Designs. This is a great project to combine printmaking and digital design. Have your students create monoprinted backgrounds directly on copy paper.
3. Temporary Tattoos. There’s something about temporary tattoos that excites every age group. Why not try letting students design their own? Using printable tattoo paper, create digital designs using an inkjet printer.
4. Mosaic Portraits. If you use Photoshop, you know there are countless features to the program. It’s always exciting to show your students a new technique.
5. Space Galaxies. If you’re looking for a project to explore several new techniques both digitally and traditionally, this is the project for you! Using a medium like watercolor, chalk or oil pastels, students can explore painting or drawing techniques to create galaxy-inspired backgrounds.
6. Makey Makey Sculptures. Computer Science skills are in high demand, and they can even be incorporated into the art room. The Makey Makey device is an easy way to teach your students coding skills while bringing artwork to life.
7. Animated GIFs. Animating is an engaging process, and there’s no better way to introduce students then by creating GIFs! If you’re looking for a way to get started, check out the animation work by artist Jen Stark.
8. Light Paintings. If you’ve never tried light painting with your students, you need to! Simply gather up anything that emits light. Glow sticks, laser pointers, phone lights, and Christmas lights work well as light sources.
9. Photoshop Your Teacher. Having a sense of humor in the classroom makes the learning environment that much more fun. After my students have learned some basic Photoshop techniques, I give them the chance to show me what they know by altering a picture of me.
10. Gradient Landscapes. If you’ve ever introduced your students to the gradient tool in Photoshop, you know they’ll start using it for everything. Try introducing the gradient tool by creating a landscape image made entirely of gradients.

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Studio Ms. King’s AP Studio Art class. The website by AP Studio teacher Carrie King contains a superb collection of teaching activities for the Art students at Mt. Eden High school, Hayward, California, USA. The activities cover perspective, line drawing, the depiction of glass and metal objects, working in monochrome, figure drawing and still life arrangements; providing …

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Lessons Welcome to the home page of the high school level art lessons! Lessons are now categorized by grade level, subject, integration, art period, artist, and medium. Lessons are submitted by teachers and artists across the world.

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Visual High School Curriculum Map – Visual Art – Art 1 Subject: Visual Art – Art 1 Introduction for Teachers The Standards and the TEKS: Time, Duration: All category media have projects lasting for 20 class days Big Idea: Must be included in all lesson designs and should start students thinking deeply about the concept of the project.

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These These 10 art projects were the first to catch our eye, but there are hundreds of ideas for every grade level. 1. Owl Textured Teapots Applied art and fine art beautifully collide in this ceramic project. Students utilize molds to create a functional teapot, then embellish it with the form of an owl (or other motif) to add interest. 2.

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Inside Inside the club you will find hundreds of printable PDF art lessons designed to work in small or large group settings, with a range of ages (from 5 to 12 years). Get creative teaching kids at home, instructing students in a classroom, leading workshops in a studio, or sharing online, as you explore artists, art periods, science, nature, history

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Physics Art Projects for High School. David has taught Honors Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics and general science courses. He has a Masters in Education, and …

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Ideas Jan 22, 2022 - Project Ideas for my classes. See more ideas about high school art, art lessons, teaching art.

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School One-day art lessons can also be used by students who wish to undertake extension activities on their own. It should be noted that these exercises are mostly targeted at middle school and junior high school students, as senior Art students typically continue with existing projects when substitute or relief teachers are present.

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Experience SYLLABUS FOR HIGH SCHOOL ART I Purpose: High School Art 1 is a course that provides an introduction to art through a multi-media experience. Students will learn and apply the elements and principles of design to produce creative art projects that …

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Grades Grades 9-12: High School Age Projects. By instructables in Teachers Grades 6-8. 74,589. 30. Suggested Projects. High School goes by fast. Prep your students for college or jobs with these projects that will set them apart from the pack.

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