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Filmmaking Get into filmmaking with these free online courses This collection of free online filmmaking courses is designed for anyone who wants to work in the film industry, improve their filmmaking skills, or simply loves film and wants to know more about it.

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Filmmaking The StudioBinder Film School is an ever-expanding series of video master classes for anyone that wants to learn practical filmmaking and cinematography techniques. These filmmaking courses are 100% free and in video. Showcase your vision with elegant shot lists and storyboards. Create robust and customizable shot lists.

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1. Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking (MasterClass) First to feature on my list is a phenomenal filmmaking course from MasterClass that will take you through the mind of an Oscar-winning filmmaker, showing you how he approaches the art of filmmaking and teaching you elite techniques used by master filmmakers.
2. DSLR Filmmaking: From Beginner to PRO! (Skillshare) Keen to unlock the secrets of the DSLR camera to take your filmmaking from beginner to pro-level? Then this online filmmaking course from Skillshare is a great choice!
3. Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking (MasterClass) If you are looking to learn the techniques and insider knowledge from one of the most iconic and influential documentary makers in history, look no further!
4. Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking (CreativeLive) If you’ve got the right skill level, you don’t need anything other than a DSLR to shoot professional-level video and film.
5. DSLR Filmmaking for Beginners (Skillshare) Whether you’re shooting a film using your smartphone, DSLR, or GoPro, you’ll need to understand the basics of filmmaking to achieve great results, and this online filmmaking course will teach you the skills you need!
6. Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking (MasterClass) Next on my list is an excellent course that will teach you filmmaking from the perspective of an award-winning artist who has been on both sides of the camera.
7. Filmmaking on a Budget: Tips for Achieving a Cinematic Look (Skillshare) If you’ve ever wanted to make a film but thought it would be too expensive, this course is here to show you how to get big-budget results on a low budget!
8. Making a Short Film: Start to Finish (LinkedIn Learning) If you’re brimming with ideas for captivating stories that you want to put out into the world but need to improve your technical ability, this beginner-level online filmmaking course is for you!
9. Cinematography Basics: Understanding Filmmaking Style (Skillshare) Cinematography is a word that gets thrown around a lot in filmmaking circles, and for good reason.
10. Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator (Udemy) Next on my list is a value-packed filmmaking course that will have you overflowing with creative ideas in no time!

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1. Marriage and Movies. Platform: Coursera. Offered by Wesleyan University. Start of course: April 21, 2014 (five weeks) Free – Go there. The topic of marriage in the movies has always provided a fascinating reflection of changing social attitudes, shifting morals and gender roles.
2. Introduction to Digital Sound Design. Platform: Coursera. Offered by Emory University. Start of Course: July 21, 2014 (six weeks) Free – Go there. Sounds and music are embedded in almost every aspect of daily life.
3. Online Film Courses Offered by MIT. Platform: Online course. Offered by MIT. Free – Go there. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a great wealth of courses in their MIT Open Courseware program.
4. Screenwriting & Script Breakdown. Platform: iTunes – Podcast. Offered by Pepperdine University. Free – Go there. This podcast of three episodes was released in 2008.
5. Acting. Platform: iTunes – Podcast. Offered by National Theatre. Free – Go there. Acting requires a wide range of skill, from the ability to control your voice to adopting physical attributes.
6. Filmmaker’s Master Class with Milos Forman. Platform: E-seminar. Offered by Columbia University. Free – Go there. This is an extensive seminar that covers many fields of filmmaking, looks like a Powerpoint presentation guided with video.
7. Pixar: The math behind the movies. Platform: TED-Ed video. Offered by TED-Ed, Pixar, presented by Tony DeRose. Free – Go there. The folks at Pixar are widely known as some of the world’s best storytellers and animators.
8. The New School’s Film & Media YouTube Channel. Platform: Youtube, filmed seminar panels. Offered by The New School. Free – Go there. The mission of the School of Media studies is the analysis and understanding of mediated communication and the realization of students’ creative visions in film, video, audio, and multi-media forms.
9. FilmMakerIQ. Platform: Blog articles and courses. Offered by FilmMakerIQ – a group of filmmakers. Free – Go there. is a group of filmmakers born in this new media wave but never forgetting the past.
10. Online Feature Screenwriting Course at the New York Film Academy. Platform: Online course. Offered by NYFA. Start of Course: July 7, 2014 and October 6, 2014.

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Jodie 17 Websites to Learn Filmmaking Lesson Online Reviews. 1) MasterClass in Filmmaking with Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster has won the Oscar award twice for her excellent acting roles and she is a master storyteller. Jodie Foster has packaged a master class to teach her students more about filmmaking and how to tell or write a compelling story.

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List 12. reviews. Learn from award-winning filmmakers about how films get from script to screen with this course from the NFTS and BFI Film Academy. Add to list. Quick View. FutureLearn. 3 hours a week, 6 weeks long. Finished. Free Online Course (Audit)

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Their Free Filmmaking courses are designed for anyone who wants to work in the film industry, improve their filmmaking skills, or simply love film and want to know more about it.Many of these courses feature contributions from award-winning filmmakers, who share their own work and that of the people who influenced them.

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Online Online Film School Learn filmmaking at our free online film school. Become a #filmmaker, you will learn how to write a film script, direct a film, cinematography and get money for your film. Apply for film grants, set up a production company, develop your audience and then start marketing your film. Online Film School Best Screenwriting Courses

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Making Film making is a form of visual storytelling that captures images, words, people, scenes, and more. Essentially, all of the elements involved in the process of making a film is known as film making. The phrase film making used to refer to the use of film stock being used in a film camera to shoot a movie. As the digital revolution has advanced

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Experts Free Courses. Our free online courses provide you with an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills and study new and emerging topics. Learn from Stanford instructors and industry experts at no cost to you.

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Studies Through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) OpenCourseWare (OCW) system, you can access free online film studies courses across numerous departments, including Literature, Linguistics and Philosophy, Urban Studies and Planning, Global Studies and Language, Comparative Media Studies, History, and Anthropology.

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Their Video Production and Creation. These courses are designed to teach students the in and outs of actually putting their vision on screen and putting their filmmaking skills to the test. Students will learn a variety of concepts from basic video capturing and editing to more advanced techniques like creating holographic images and 3-D designs.

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Promises Free online. Animation offers a whole new world of filmmaking possibilities, and the ability to weave complex & emotional stories from a few polygons is even more impressive than taking a camera and shooting real life. This free course from the celebrated National Film and Television School promises to take you on a journey through stop-motion

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FilmSkills Check out FilmSkills Academic where you can build your own fully-branded online film training program. Switch to FilmSkills Academic. FREE 1-hour filmmaking course. Learn my top 10 secrets to making your content more professional, how to accelerate your career, and how to make money in this $14 billion/year industry.

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Explore Explore Filmmaking Classes Online. When you open your mind, there’s always something new to uncover on your filmmaking journey. These online classes from Skillshare cover so many topics, including cinematography, screenwriting, editing, lighting, shooting DSLR video, and more. Whether you’re a beginner looking for film basics and principles

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Filmmaking Free Online Filmmaking Courses - FutureLearn. Courses Details: This collection of free online filmmaking courses is designed for anyone who wants to work in the film industry, improve their filmmaking skills, or simply loves film and wants to know more about it. Developed by top universities, as well as leading specialist filmmaking organisations - including the British Film …

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1. Creative Filmmaking: Crafting Your Vision for Music Videos. Skillshare Free with Trial. Music videos are great for starting out in the film industry. They allow you to be as creative as you want, and there aren’t as many “rules” you have to follow compared to when you make a movie.
2. DSLR Filmmaking: From Beginner to PRO! Skillshare Free with Trial. Learn how to master your DSLR! You don’t need a $100K camera package to make great films, all you have to do is watch this video and learn all of the tricks.
3. Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking. MasterClass $90 Single Course – $180 Site-Wide All Access. We’ve all heard of Martin Scorsese, so why not learn from him?
4. Spike Lee Teaches Independent Filmmaking. MasterClass $90 Single Course – $180 Site-Wide All Access. Who says you need a big budget to make a good film?
5. Shoot Expert Video on Any Camera. Skillshare Free with Trial. This course will teach you all that you need to know to start becoming the best cinematographer you can be!
6. DIY Cinematography: Make Your Video Look Like A Movie. Skillshare Free with Trial. Make your next video look more expensive then ever before with this course by Ryan Booth!
7. Introduction to Lighting for Videographers. Skillshare Free with Trial. Need a little help with lighting a scene? Check out this course by Jordy Vandeput!
8. Cinematography Course: Shoot Better Video With Any Camera. Udemy $145 $12 (Limited Time Discount) Learn the techniques used by Hollywood professionals taught by industry experts!
9. Documentary Starter Kit. Desktop Documentaries Free. This is the intro course that Desktop Documentaries offers. It’s not a very long course, but it’s completely free and will give you an idea about what you’re in for if you choose to go with their paid courses.
10. Creating a Modern, Cinematic Documentary with Soul. Skillshare Free with Trial. Bringing your documentary into the modern age is important! Dandan Liu will teach you just that.

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