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1. EdApp. EdApp is an award-winning microlearning platform and virtual learning environment that enables you to create, customize, and deploy interactive training content.
2. LearnWorlds. LearnWorlds is an online learning platform that allows you to create an engaging and personalized learning experience for your employees through a course player, templates, ebooks, and a social community.
3. V360E. V360E is a virtual-reality-based online training software that was originally created for training in the aviation industry. It has now evolved into a highly interactive eLearning tool and virtual learning environment for other manual and labor-intensive industries like healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and transportation.
4. WizIQ. WizIQ provides you with an all-in-one learning management system and virtual learning environment that you can use to set up and manage your employees’ training with ease.
5. Edvance360. Designed primarily for educational organizations, Edvance360 is jam-packed with features like online lesson management, progress tracking, online certification, and an in-house social network, which learners can use to connect with one another and participate in group discussions.
6. Wooclap. Wooclap is a virtual learning environment that allows learners to take lessons, answer quizzes and surveys, submit homework, share files, and compete with fellow team members on any device.
7. LearnCube. LearnCube is a browser-based virtual learning environment and content management system that provides user-friendly features like an interactive whiteboard, custom branding, instant messaging, and the ability to record classes, which can be especially useful for teaching languages and online tutoring.
8. Raven360. Raven360 is a virtual learning environment dedicated to sales training and enablement. It helps ramp up your sales faster and increase customer retention by providing effective training for your teams.
9. Kajabi. If you are looking for a virtual learning environment that can help you develop online training courses while also making money out of them, then Kajabi is among your premium choices.
10. SHIFT. Designed as a course management system and virtual learning platform, Shift enables managers and other learning and development professionals to build and customize multi-language courses and publish them with just one click.

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Learning MOODLE (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free and open source E-learning software application. It is also recognised as Course Management System (CMS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and Learning …

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1. Author: Alicia Prince

Published: Sep 15, 2014
Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins
2. Coursera. Coursera is a website that partners with universities and organizations around the world. This brings a wide variety of topics and perspectives to one searchable database.
3. Khan Academy. Partnering with many post secondary schools, Khan Academy offers a useable, well-organized interface. Also curating many courses from around the web, Khan Academy offers impressive depth on many different subjects.
4. Open Culture Online Courses. If you are struggling to find exactly the material you are looking for, try Open Culture’s listing of free online education courses.
5. Udemy. Udemy’s free courses are similar in concept to Coursera’s but additionally allows users to build custom courses from lessons. Advertising. Working with many top professors and schools, the site mixes the customizable platform of other sites with a heavy emphasis on top-quality content.
6. Lifehack Fast Track Class. Lifehack believes in skills that multiply your time, energy, and overall quality of life. In this rapidly changing world, traditional education skills just don’t cut it anymore.
7. Academic Earth. Another site with courses from many different schools is Academic Earth. Much like the three sites above, Academic Earth brings together top notch courses from many different sources and focuses on offering a wide variety of subjects.
8. edX. Another great option for free online education is edX. Also bringing together courses from many different schools, the site has impressive, quality information for everyone.
9. Alison. Unlike the previous sites on this list, Alison is a free education site offering certification in some areas. Alison offers courses mainly in business, technology, and health, but also includes language learning courses.
10. iTunesU Free Courses. A very convenient place for free online education is iTunesU, because it integrates seamlessly with your iPod or any app-ready Apple mobile device.
11. Stanford Online. Your hub for all the online offerings from Stanford University, Stanford Online offers self-paced and session-based courses. While Coursera features some courses from Stanford, many classes are only available via other hosts.

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English The environment You start the lesson with an activity that introduces the English words or sentences you will be learning. You will see a set of pictures one at a time, and for each picture you will see the written word and hear the English audio for that picture.

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Environment But to get to that place, one has to create a healthy and productive work environment for online learning. If you have a good environment to learn, the inconveniences of online learning will fade in one’s focus. From my own experience, and speaking with fellow students, here are some habits that I think students of all ages can implement to

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Describes Theories about learning are mostly derived from psychology. While psychology describes how people act, educational theory describes how people learn (O’Neil et al., p. 17). An understanding of educational theories can assist us in the design and implementation of an effective online learning environment.

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Want GCFGLobal - The freedom to learn what you want, when you want, absolutely free! Check out our Everyday Life, Basic Math, and Computer Training today! Now more than ever, it’s important to seek out reliable sources of information. Unfortunately, there is plenty of false or misleading information about Coronavirus going around.

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Environmental EPHOC is an online/on-demand package of e-learning courses for environmental public health practitioners. The goal is to provide access to comprehensive, worthwhile, and affordable workforce development resources for practitioners in environmental public health. This has been a major issue of concern across the United States for the past decade

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Impact Understand the core issues that impact global food production and know what types of production negatively impact the environment. Learn the basics of crop development and the sustainable practices that will impact future agricultural practices. Explore these and other free online sustainability courses.

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Tailor The online environment offers tremendous convenience and flexibilities to which learners can tailor their education and learning preferences, scheduling needs, and geographic constraints.

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Undergraduate Use OCW materials from across these fields to expand your horizons and learn more about our relationship with the environment. The course list below is particularly inspired by two interdisciplinary MIT programs. Many of the undergraduate courses fall within the undergraduate Environment and Sustainability Minor devised by MIT’s Environmental

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Brightspace Brightspace Learning Environment D2L. 2 hours ago Brightspace Learning Environment. Brightspace Learning Environment is an innovative learning management system for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources. It contains a flexible suite of tools for creating custom content for institutions, courses and users.

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Experiences Learning environment the surroundings that make it possible for the learner to find solutions to their problems and to have access to the materials to help them achieve their goals. To make lifelong learning possible, the experiences in the learning environment are crucial. These experiences are formed of the interaction between the

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Online Teaching in an online environment. Presenters: Christine Fox, DeNelle West, Teshon Christie, & Tricia Kennedy. Watch the webinar. Educators across the world are being asked to implement online learning for their students as school systems close in response to COVID-19. Join this webinar to learn about strategies and to link to resources that

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Overall, it suggested that online learning is at least as effective as offline learning, however we still need more research evidences to draw any firm conclusion on the comparison of online versus offline learning, since experimental designs of the included articles varied in terms of participants, learning goals, intervention durations, and forms of online learning, etc.

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Maybe you can find inspiration in these New Year’s resolutions:

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there were small learning benefits, with meaningful positive effects anticipated in about half the implementations of video. These results are consistent with previous studies of online learning (broadly defined) that found it to be as good, and sometimes ...

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Online machine learning based on observed behaviour is used to predict ... “While we hope that there is never another pandemic like this, this is a proxy for major changes in a fleet such as worker strike, renovation works or electricity network failure.

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