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1. A general survey of anthropology with emphasis on learning about and from global cultures, and on the four fields of anthropology.

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Their VCU Online is a global leader in providing quality higher education using a number of delivery methods, including fully-online and hybrid. Each year we help thousands of students further their goals on their own schedules with our flexible degree and certificate options.

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1. INSC 201 – Energy. A self-explanatory title, Energy! Is about energy sources and what ways we can use alternative energy. It’s a class that mainly teaches about different things that you’ve heard of, like air and wind power.
2. MATH 001 – Elementary Algebra. If you’re really bad at math, but you need to fill up courses, this is mainly 9 grade level math, that goes back to the basics.
3. HIST 332 – History in Film. Everyone loves movies. What better way to get entertainment and an easy A in a class that just talks about characters and techniques that you’ve seen.
4. ECON 203 – Introduction to Economics. Basically, Economics is a course that mainly relies on common sense. Although there are some math and critical thinking concepts, it is easy to learn because it’s about what we all love: money!!
5. ARTF 121 – Introduction to Drawing. If you can only draw a stick figure, it’s cool. Intro to Drawing teaches the super basic techniques of how to make you look like a natural artist.
6. UNIV 101 – Introduction to the University. This course tells you everything you need to know about VCU! The tests just ask questions about you and your experiences, and what you want to get out of being here.
7. LASK 103 – Introduction to Languages. There’s no learning any actual languages in this class, but just tells you about the different ones, so you can later make a decision if you want to be bilingual later on.
8. PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy. We all think about God and death and other dimensions, (it’s kind of scary sometimes), and this course actually makes you talk about what you think about and what others have said in the past.
9. CMST 210 – Heath Career Exploration. If you have no idea what you want to be in the health and medical field, this course is really easy as it is just an overview of a lot of careers.
10. FASH 145 – Computers in Fashion. You only need to have basic computer skills to join this course, which we all probably have. It explores graphic design techniques, and what better way to learn than to draw pictures all day?

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Online Online learning is a fun, enjoyable and very productive way to learn. Millions of people are learning online each year. You will engage with and get to know the instructor and other participants. It’s easy, and fun! For a full listing of courses, visit our course directory. How the courses work: It is easy to participate in your LERN online

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Language But at VCU there are tons of different language classes to choose from. You can major in French, German, or Spanish. You can take Arabic or Latin. There is also even a language lab where you can use Rosetta Stone for FREE! Some majors require you to get a certain level in a language so it’s helpful to have resources and choices. 15.

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Class The homework is all online, the quizzes are all online and straight off the homework, and while the two exams are in class they are also straight from the homework. The material is actually interesting too, but if you go to class you'll hate it because invariably there will be an idiot in your class who doesn't know where Japan or Russia is.

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Mathematical VCU Wiki is designed to make it easy for you and your team to share information with each other, and with the world. Online Learning Resources The App2Go system consists of high-cost statistical and mathematical applications installed and managed on a Citrix XenApp server.

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Autism The VCU Autism Center for Excellence (VCU-ACE) offers an online course on Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorders, which is free to residents of VA. This course will provide participants with an understanding of the primary characteristics of ASD, which include impairments in communication and social development and the presence of repetitive

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Interested My easiest classes were those I was most interested in, not literally easy classes. Like I took psychology. If I'm interested in the subject, i'll do the work and like studying it more and it makes it easier for me overall. You're paying so much to attend VCU, pick a class you're interested in.

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Online Online learning. In addition to online options for hospitality programs and test prep courses, VCU Continuing and Professional Education offers noncredit online courses and noncredit certificates in partnership with The Learning Resources Network (LERN). Self-paced online learning is available in areas such as Business, Business Communication

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Online In 2017-2018, 22,497 undergraduate students attended Virginia Commonwealth University. Of these students 33.72% (7,587) took at least one class online. 1.35% (303) of undergraduate degree seekers took classes exclusively online. Those who took all of their classes online were from the following places:

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03/28/2022 Mon 03/28/2022 - 01:00pm. Mouse 2.0: Anesthesia and Blood Collection Techniques. Sanger Hall - B3-030B.

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Classes Spring 2021 classes will start virtually. VCU has been hard at work making adjustments to the spring 2021 academic calendar and schedule of classes to ensure another successful semester of teaching and learning. All classes will begin virtually, except in instances where a student is involved in clinical and field placements, practica, co-ops

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First “I remember my first day back at VCU, after having been gone over 20 years. I was standing there that warm August day in 2017, the first day of classes, overwhelmed by how different everything looked, kinda scared, not knowing anyone, and praying for the strength to be successful after so many years of wanting to complete my undergraduate studies.

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Virginia Easiest Courses At Virginia Tech. Virginia Easiest Courses At Virginia Tech. Classes Getallcourses.net Show details . 9 hours ago Colleges and Universities A-Z Virginia Tech. myinsanity June 13, 2006, 6:53pm #1. <p>hey, I'm currently at VT and was wondering if anyone knows some really easy classes that you will automatically get an A in</p>. <p>This includes …

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Opportunities Online Courses. VCU-ACE offers a wide variety of online training opportunities for professionals, families, individuals with ASD, and the community at large. These comprehensive e-learning opportunities investigate larger topics related to ASD. There are currently two types of online courses: facilitated and self-paced.

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Does VCU offer online Master’s programs??

The VCU College of Engineering has online Master of Science programs tailored to the needs of professionals. Our distance learning master’s programs offer you a practical, rigorous education and opportunities to build connections with a network of VCU faculty and industry colleagues.

What kind of continuing education does VCU offer??

In partnership with the VCU Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, continuing education is available for community members and includes self-paced online learning modules with behavioral health topics from understanding suicide risk and trauma to alcohol use and addiction, to cultural competency.

What do I need to know about living at VCU??

Students residing in VCU residence halls should contact University Student Health Services and refer to the Residential Life and Housing website for additional self-quarantine and isolation requirements. VCU Parking and Transportation offers several long-term and temporary parking accommodations for students.

Does VCU have a TEFL program??

VCU's English Language Program offers a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate Program for individuals interested in teaching English to multilingual students, locally, internationally or online. Courses are noncredit bearing, accommodate all levels and do not require prior teaching experience.

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