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1. Crafting Personal Essays with Impact (Skillshare) Have you got a masterpiece in your mind but not sure how to portray it on paper? Well, this is your course!
2. Create Successful Writing Habits (Skillshare) Next up on my list is a great course that aims to teach you some of the fundamentals of engaging and impactful writing.
3. Writing for Online Engagement (Skillshare) Moving on is another great course for beginners that is taught by Rebecca Sky in this 1 ¼ hour class on fiction writing in a digital age.
4. Writing Articles (LinkedIn Learning/ Lynda) Up next is a great course from LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda) that helps you to write accurate, engaging and interesting articles for businesses.
5. Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge (Skillshare) One of the worst things any writer may have to deal with is writer’s block. Luckily, this class will show you how to take the offensive against that problem, making sure it never happens in the first place.
6. English Writing Skills (Alison) Expressing yourself clearly is vital for engaging people with your writing. If you don’t communicate the idea well, the article, story, or advertisement is not going to do the job you wanted it to do.
7. Secret Sauce of Great Writing (Udemy) What makes for good BBQ? “The secret’s in the sauce!” The secret sauce of great writing is found in this 42-minute course detailing the four ingredients of elite writing.
8. How to Write Stories That Thrill in Any Genre (Skillshare) Award-winning novel, short story, and Marvel writer Benjamin Percy is a master of writing thriller and suspense fiction.
9. Writing with Impact (LinkedIn Learning) The purpose of this course is to show you how to write with purpose for whatever the subject, genre, or audience is.
10. Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing (Udemy) Academic writing is a different type of writing than many of us are used to. There are some specific rules that need to be followed for most essays.

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Writing Free Online Writing Courses for Beginners Writing for New Writers – FREE! This course will take students through the process of writing from simple paragraphs to more complex writing structures and eventually research writing. Copywriting Essentials – FREE! Get Started as a Professional Copywriter.

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Writing Through these free writing courses, you’ll gain practical tips and strategies to help you improve your writing—both for your current manuscript and for future projects. Free Online Writing Courses. The more you learn and practice, the easier writing will become and the better your books will be.

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1. Writing a Book Courses (Udemy) Take your creative writing skills to the next level with the help of Udemy’s Writing a Book Courses. Learn about self-publishing, eBook creation, book marketing, and much more.
2. How to Write a Nonfiction Book That Actually Sells (Udemy) Learn from bestselling author Tom Corson-Knowles, his secrets to writing non-fiction books in 30 days.
3. Write Blockbuster Books Readers Love with Dead Easy Dialogue (Udemy) The central idea of this course is writing dynamic dialogue. Get better reader reviews and sell more books by writing good dialogue.
4. Start Writing Fiction (FutureLearn) The central focus of this course is creating a character. Learn from established writers about their writing journey.
5. How To Write a GREAT Children’s Book (Udemy) This course commences with an overview of the genre of children’s book writing and showing how positivity and goals can be some of the core messages conveyed.
6. Publish Your Children’s Picture Book (Udemy) If you are looking for content that guides you through professional writing techniques as well as gives you an understanding of how this industry rolls, then this choice is worth a look.
7. James Patterson Teaches Writing (Masterclass) In this class, American author James Patterson will show you what you need to come up with the next bestseller.
8. Complete Book Writing Course From Idea To Published Book (Udemy) If you have always aspired to write a book but never actually started, then you might find this class to be the inspiration to take that bold step.

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Start In this short course, book coach Jennie Nash shares the secrets for how to start strong so you can move forward with confidence. It’s a powerful way to stop talking about someday writing a book, and to actually start doing it, by getting the idea out of your head and onto the page.

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1. Secret Sauce of Great Writing. Secret Sauce of Great Writing is a course designed by Shani Raja. This course will teach you the four main concepts of good writing: Simplicity, Clarity, Elegance, and Evocativeness.
2. Writing with Impact. This course shows how to give your writing more impact, regardless of its purpose. In this course, the writer and journalist Tom Geller help you find your reasons for writing with the demonstration.
3. Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing. Improve your Academic writing is a video course that helps you learn to learn how to write essay. This free writer’s course will help you find the essay writing success you deserve by learning essay writing foundations.
4. Craft Your Cover Letter. In this short course, you will learn to use proven writing techniques to show why you are the best person to do this job. In these writing classes for beginners, you will also learn how to research company values, target your writing pitch, and develop an authentic story.
5. Creative Writing Specialization. This Creating Writing specialization course covers three important elements of writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir.
6. Writing Articles. Articles effectively communicate complex ideas and stories in a friendly, credible, and easy-to-follow way. In this writing course, you will learn how to write and publish an article of your own.
7. Start Writing Fiction. Start Writing Fiction is a course that helps you to create how to develop your ideas, which reflect on your writing and editing.
8. Write a Book! Write a Book is an online writing course offered by Udemy. This course explains how to organize and begin writing a short story, novel, or nonfiction book with concepts similar for each form.
9. Writing Ad Copy. Writing Ad Copy is an online course that helps you create ad copy that effectively conveys your brand and drives traffic to convert clicks into sales.
10. Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television. Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television teaches you how to write a feature-length screenplay for film or television or web-series.

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Precise Free online courses are the best as well as sometimes it’s very much worthy way out to learn something innovative as well as profession in proper manner. in order to make the move precise as well as professional each stated way out is the key factors to do well in writing the essay part in proper manner so that anyone could get the possible approaches in precise …

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Authors FREE 10-day courses with new lessons each morning Taught by experienced authors and publishing professionals, these free online writing courses and publishing classes have been prepared with your busy life in mind. Over a few minutes each day, you will join thousands of authors in learning how to write better, publish smarter, and sell more books.

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Course FREE Mini course reveals exactly how to write, publish,and market your first book: video showcases a free online writing course fo

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Printable Free Editable Book Templates in Word - Used to Tech. Courses Details: Best free printable book templates.In our printable book templates, margins, paper-size, bleed, gutter and table of contents are styled with proper typesetting.You would be amazed by using these clean and professional book writing templates in Microsoft Word. Our Word book manuscript templates …

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WRITE WRITE YOUR FIRST NOVEL. From - The 30 Most Popular Online Courses of 2020 "Write Your First Novel" made the list at #15 If you’ve ever had the dream, the desire or even just a vague notion that you would like to write a novel, this course is for you.

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Writing Creative Writing Project: Create a Character. Dani and Steve Alcorn. 1h 5m. 166 students. Story Structure: Build Stories Step-by-Step (Arcs, Suspense, Storytelling, Fiction, Screenwriting) Andrew Kayson. 1h 9m. 305 students. Novel Writing: Write Novels Step-by-Step (Creative Writing, Fiction Writing, Book Writing, Author)

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Writing Free Online Writing Courses. edX offers a plethora of some of the best free online writing courses for new writers. Students interested in learning how to write or who want to gain basic writing tips for improving their writing have access to a wide range of academic courses available online for beginner level, intermediate, and advanced students.

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1. Masterclass. Masterclass offers writing classes that focus on the craft and theory of fiction and nonfiction writing. Where else will you find talented authors talk about their writing process and writing style in such great detail?
2. The Novelry. The Novelry offers online creative writing courses for the budding author keen to get a novel done. Founded by award-winning Booker listed novelist Louise Dean, The Novelry supports writers from the twinkling of an idea through to submission to their literary agency partners.
3. CreativeLive. CreativeLive is an interesting alternative to Masterclass. Rather than featuring celebrity writers and authors, many of CreativeLive instructors are entrepreneurs, bloggers, and online personalities.
4. Udemy. Udemy is the supermarket of online learning. It also has courses on hundreds of topics other than writing. You can choose from dozens of different writing classes of varying standards.
5. Storylogue. Run by screenwriter, author and creative instructor Robert McKee, Storylogue is one of the lesser-known online writing classes available today.
6. Writers Village University. Writer's Village University is a popular online writing class and community aimed at fiction writers. The emphasis here is on the community.
7. Your First 10k Readers. This online writing class is aimed at fiction and nonfiction authors who want to self-publish and sell more books. Key Concepts
8. Self-Publishing School. The course teaches students how to write and self-publish books on Amazon quickly and easily. Key Concepts: Bolt's teaching methods may not apply to every type of writer.
9. Self Publishing Formula/Ads for Authors. Both of these courses are taught by bestselling author Mark Dawson. Key Concepts: Self Publishing Formula teaches the basics of writing, publishing and promoting a book on Amazon and other stores.
10. Authority Pub-Academy. Authority Pub-Academy is an online learning class run by noted indie authors and entrepreneurs Steve Barrie and Barrie Davenport over at Authority Pub.

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Current SeriesPassPYPHindiLoginSign UpGet PassPassRefer EarnSettingsTransactionsLogout HomeLearnSelect Live CoachingTestsTest Series Previous Year PapersPracticeQuizzesMoreExams DoubtsGK Current AffairsTestbook Pass Pass Refer and EarnBlog HomeHome Latest Jobs New Updates Current Affairs Daily Current Affairs Weekly …

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Writing Free Creative Writing Courses. Creative writing requires the application of hard work, discipline and much practice. Use these free creative writing courses online to hone your skills and become a better writer. Open University. Open University offers a plethora of writing courses, on topics such as poetry and fiction.

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1. Media Writing and Editing. Offered by the Ohio State University via Canvas. This excellent self-paced course offered by the Ohio State University through the Canvas platform is comprehensive, thorough, and ideal for students who are looking for an overview of what it takes to be a newsroom reporter.
2. How to Do a Literature Review. Offered by The University of Wollongong via FutureLearn. This course is designed for research students in any discipline to help them develop the necessary skills to write a critical review of academic literature.
3. Writing in the Sciences. Offered by Stanford via Coursera. This free online writing course through the Coursera platform is presented by Stanford University and has been utilized by over 100,000 students already.
4. Perfect Tenses and Modals. Offered by University of California, Irvine via Coursera. Over 60,000 students have enrolled in this University of California course, which teaches students the most important intermediate verb tenses like present perfect, past perfect, present perfect progressive, and past perfect progressive.
5. Academic English: Writing Specialization. Offered by University of California, Irvine via Coursera. This specialization offered through UCI actually consists of four courses including
6. Academic and Business Writing. Offered by University of California Berkeley via edX. While this introductory course in academic and business writing is geared toward English language learners, it can be helpful for anyone who wants a better grasp on structure, grammar, vocabulary, publication, and editing.
7. Academic Writing for Clarity and Meaning. Offered by Wits University via edX. This short, two-week course focusing on academic writing will teach students how to express complex ideas in a clear and meaningful way to their readership.
8. Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature. Offered by Harvard University via edX. This six-week course presented by two distinguished Harvard professors is for students who are less interested in the practical applications of writing and more interested in its theory and history.
9. Write Your First Novel. Offered by Michigan State University via Coursera. If you are someone who has a whole novel in your head just waiting to come alive on the page, this is the ideal introductory course for you.
10. Business Writing. Offered by University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera. Over 70 businesses and 20,000 students have used the materials in this course to do everything from launch their ideas to improve their business communication.

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